Embrace The Drama

Brio'con is Bernie Brigden the foundering member and I invite you to be part of the dream to be captivated while on your stay here. Only You personally are the true judge of your musical experiences so take time to travel deeper into the sounds, media and arts here and invest your senses into the worlds of Brio'con.

All gigs and tour dates are yet to be confirmed. Brio'con is working hard recording new material and also getting Music Hearts his revolutionary charity up and running. PublicPlay Library is going strong and features a 25 song playlist set exclusively aside for the benefits and well-being of the public. No sales and merchandise as yet my music is reserved for the right Deal, Proposals , Major selling outlets business labels  partners whom have the best intentions for the Public and Music.  


Currently seeking agent, manager and record deal


For future gigs, bookings and business contact  

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All Songs Written, Arranged, Composed and performed  By Bernie Brigden unless otherwise stated.

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