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PPL  "Public Playlist library"  is a    25   song library or playlist.    Plus a new World Country section in motion and in the making.  The   library   Directly gives    the public ownership of the music exclusively set forth by the creator "Bernie Brigden" On and off has been in and out of work and claimed benefits so it's not a problem to give back and leave this library of music and body of work for the benefit of the public at request. It's important to know the rights of "PPL"    is not for commercial use or sales it's soul rights are at the heart of the public's welfare and soul developments therefor any distributional endeavors will be unlawful and breach copyrights and fair use for reference and open use exclusively set aside for The General Public. 

Opposed to the World Flag section all songs are taken from 15 albums written in the colorful past also some songs were written outside the albums taken from the volts into the now ..  I open my life and heart to the public the ever glowing future and truth.. Love you all you keep  me   there  and  here....

"PPL"   Song List starts after the charity E.P.   The   Seven     song   in  just after The song 'Quantum Funk'  and here  is the   list   Below...

Charity   E.P. 


1) Bernie Anthem. Charity E.P.

2) Periscope.  Charity E.P.

3) Flying Home. Charity E.P.

4) Roses   In The    Rain. Charity  E.P.

5) The Hurting Streets.  Charity    E.P.

6) Quantum Funk .Charity   E.P.

(PPL)   Publish Playlist   Library

7) PPL "Rain   Forest"
8) PPL   "Dolphine Dance"
9) PPL   "Children"
10) PPL   "1&2"
11) "Peace Ethnology"

12)   "Forgive me A   Life's   Lesson" 
13) "Mothers    Day"
14)   "One   Soul"
15) "New   Born Baby  "
16)   "Pay Her More Attention"

17) "Poppie   Shift"

18)   "Proliferate With Me"

19)   "Protect  This   Love"

20) "Pure"

21)   "Sing"

22)     "Starlight   Kingdom"

23) "One Blue Sky"

24)   "The Light   Of Your Smile"

25)   "The Piano   Peace"
26) "Throw   Me   A   Line" 
27)   "Trippy"
28) "Warmth Peace"

29) "White   Feather On   A Blackbird"

20) "Pillow Talk"

31)    "1'000'000 "

Next follows my mum's tribute site section here you will be able to stream my mum's music. I want to emphasize my mum's express permissions and conditions were for me to help supervise her requests and artist license to be fulfilled. That time has come – So now you can stream 30 songs with her Logo on that she personally designed the “Poppy Daffodil Crest” which features Poppy, Daffodil, and band name. The first two songs are for download “Candle Light Dinner” and “From Her Perspective” her request was download and for you to just give what you can when you can to a charity of your own personal choice. I have also administrated this mindset and have made many of the bands and my own personal music for ‘Download For Charities’. fully assessable. I get the strong feeling that my mum would be looking down on it all and be very proud.

 32) Candle   Light    ® Belinda & C©

  33) From    Her    Perspective    ® Belinda & C© 

34) I     Wish    ® Belinda & C© 

35) War    Of    Minds  ® Belinda & C© 

36) Drinking    Problem    "Sample"    Part 1   (Adult)    ® Belinda & C© 

 37) Blind    Folded    To   The   Moon   ® Belinda & C© 

 38) Radgy    Manic    Feelings    ® Belinda & C© 

39) Telepathy    Of    Love    ® Belinda & C© 

 40) Rave    Time   ® Belinda & C©

 41) Out    At    Sea     ® Belinda & C© 

  42) Compassion  (Adult)   ® Belinda & C©

 43) Phone    Call    In    The   In    The    Wind   ® Belinda & C©  

 44) We    Danced    With   Them    (Part 1) ® Belinda & C©

45)   Compassion

 46) Night   Out  ® Belinda & C©

47) We    All    Need    To   ® Belinda & C©

 48) Elements    Of    A    Women    ® Belinda & C©

 49) Verpiss    Ditch   (Adult)   ® Belinda & C©

 50) Warming Up Live Glimpse    ® Belinda & C©

 51) Universal    Prayer    In    The    Arms     Of    Angels    ® Belinda & C©

 52) The    Magic    Of    Pregnancy  ® Belinda & C©

53)    The    Beauty    Of    Cultures   ® Belinda & C©

 54) Suppressed   Teardrops    Now    Flowing   ® Belinda & C©

 55) Slide    Into    Trance   ® Belinda & C©

 56) What    Would    You     Do If    It    Happened     To    You    (Adult)  ® Belinda & C©

57) When    Your      Feeling    Blue  ®    Belinda & C©

58) Move    On ® Belinda & C©

59) Internal    Screaming     ® Belinda & C© 

 60) Hamburg   Upscaling    ® Belinda & C©     

 61) Behind     The    Subcouncoius    ® Belinda & C©

World Music    

It has always been a dream of mine to complete a song for every country around the world globe and very soon  I will be uploading exclusively here to the Public Playlist  Library a song as they come and when they come to fruition.  It’s a massive undertaking which can only be found here in this online library set aside for the people of the world, nation to nation, country to country with hearts side by side...Countries will appear here  So watch this space and keep popping back to see if yours has arrived or still in the creative process and makings!  Blessings....

62) (World Music) America

63) (World Music) Argentina

64) (World Music) Brazil

65) (World Music) Canada

66) (World Music) China

67) (World Music)  Denmark

68) (World Music)  Ethiopia

69) (World Music)   Egypt

70) (World) Music) France

71)  (World Music)   Hong    Kong

72) (World Music)  Indonesia

73) (World Music) Japan

74) (World Music)   Korea  "North  &  South"

75) (World Music)  Malaysia Peninsular and East

76) (World Music)   New Zealand   South and North

77) (World Music)  Philippines

78 ) (World Music) Poland

79) (World Music)   Russia  " Eastern Europe and North Asia"

80) (World Music)  Spain

81) (World   Music)   Thailand

82) (World Music)   United Kingdom

83) (World Music)   Vietnam

To obtain any song in mp3 format email   at  radio_red1@outlook.com 

 with song title and the song will be emailed to you. Big thanks and thumbs up to the public you have made it well worth the journey..Enjoy!

I would personally like to thank Reverbnation  and Soundclick for making this all possible   


1st Edition Exclusively at berniebrigden.com  ©2019

All Songs Written, Arranged, Composed  and performed  By Bernie Brigden unless otherwise stated.