1st Edition Exclusively at berniebrigden.com  ©2019

PPL  "Public Playlist library"  is a    25   song library or playlist.    Plus a new World Country section in motion and in the making.  The   library   Directly gives    the public ownership of the music exclusively set forth by the creator "Bernie Brigden" On and off has been in and out of work and claimed benefits so it's not a problem to give back and leave this library of music and body of work for the benefit of the public at request. It's important to know the rights of "PPL"    is not for commercial use or sales it's soul rights are at the heart of the public's welfare and soul developments therefor any distributional endeavors will be unlawful and breach copyrights and fair use for reference and open use exclusively set aside for The General Public. 

Opposed to the World Flag section all songs are taken from 15 albums written in the colorful past also some songs were written outside the albums taken from the volts into the now ..  I open my life and heart to the public the ever glowing future and truth.. Love you all you keep  me   there  and  here....

All Songs Written, Arranged, Composed  and performed  By Bernie Brigden unless otherwise stated.